Day 001: First Day of a New Life


Well, after nearly everyone did it, I decided to try this, too - take the whole year round everyday a photo of yourself

- the "366x Snow White"-project.


At the moment I'm kinda a little bit excited - so let's see what will happen (and whether I will keep this up throughout the whole year).



Something "normal" to start with.



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Day 002: Silence...

I was somehow bored...

(And yes, this is a towel on my head )

(And no, I haven't edited my eye color...)



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Day 003: In Love...


Today kitty and I are totally in la-la-la-la-love...



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Day 004: Totally.Tired


After a looong day in high heels I just collapsed into bed ...



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Day 005: Lanyard Day


I just looove lanyards... So today is a lanyard day


- Today is the first day that this project is officially online -



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Day 007: Catch me...


... if you can!

- Today is a show-me-your-teee-day -

(And yes, this one is - just for once - not black ^^)


- Yesterday I was in great haste so I forgot to take a photo... I'll make up leeway another day -



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Day 008: Hand & Hair


I always wanted to have purple hair...



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